Cheer yourself 'horse' for Chandrayaan-3 -By Hemal Ashar

Posted on - 31 Aug 2023

Cheer yourself 'horse' for Chandrayaan-3
The Royal Western India Turf Club (RWITC) is incorporating a race to commemorate the special occasion of The Chandrayaan -3 moon landing. The race has been named, 'The Chandrayaan-3 Landing on the Moon Trophy' and will be run on Saturday September 2, at the Pune racecourse. The RWITC has a delightful historical nugget to share along with this information, one that surely is part of Indian horse racing lore. In 1969 when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, the racing club had also had a race in this honour. This race that was run in Mumbai was called, 'The Man On The Moon Gold Cup' held on January 1, 1970 in Mumbai. It was won by a filly named Sweet One, owned by Shivlal Daga. The race had a nail-biting finish with seven horses finishing together but it was Sweet One that came out on top, winning by the proverbial whisker. Talk about giving space race a whole new meaning.
Credit : Mid-day