Sponsorships At The RWITC Ltd

The RWITC experience so far with sponsorship as its marketing focus, both at Mumbai and Pune, has proved it to be the undisputed leader in the field.

In recent years the Club has been successful in getting sponsors for almost all its Sunday racing with a wide range

The RWITC packages and markets the sport as lifestyle events for sponsorship. The events are widely publicized in the media and across all in racing centres throughout India

The cost of a sponsorship association is variable and is usually tailored to suit individual requirements.

The Club provides its lawns either in the Members' Enclosure or First Enclosure free, depending on the value of sponsorship. The Club will also host a press meet (with lunch) on the sponsors' behalf. In addition, a mailer could be sent to all our members (over 7,500) to announce the event, in addition to promoting the race on our new dynamic website. The Members database will be provided to sponsors which can help in identifying members who could be invited for an exclusive event. Press Releases will be issued by the Club.

While attendance on an average Sunday ranges from 6,000 to 7,000, on the big days it can go to 10,000-12,000. In addition, there is a huge "off course" attendance that watches the race live at all major metros in the country. The audience covers the full spectrum of society - from the middle class to the very �lite. The live pictures of the race and event are carried across all the race courses in the country.

Recap of some key facts:

The RWITC is the leading race Club in India, with a tradition spanning more than a century. It is home to the five Indian Classics besides many graded races.

The cumulative annual attendance at Mumbai / Pune is close to 1 million, making racing the most widely watched spectator sport in the country.

The race is shown live at all race courses in India (Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mysore, Meerut, Pune and Ooty).

Racing attracts the middle class and the �lite and is a perfect platform to highlight lifestyle products and services

Racing is being increasingly showcased, marketed and promoted as a lifestyle sport with a premium tag.

Substantial print and television coverage is forthcoming.

The great outdoor venue in Mumbai can be leveraged to invite guests and associates as a part of the corporate PR.

The RWITC is the clear No.1 in attracting topline sponsors for its events both at Pune and Mumbai.

The RWITC works closely with sponsors in a joint, collaborative effort to add maximum value to the event.