The Privileges of a Sponsor

A sponsor can

Conduct contests of skill and award prizes to the public to generate interest

Advertise on the CCTV transmission at all centers (free of charge).

Have full rights for on-site branding across the stands.

Name the race to suit its preference.

Have its CEO / nominee present the trophy.

Be entitled to the free use of lawns above a certain value of sponsorship

Arrange for live entertainment at race time or before or after the event.

Promote the race via mailers/press.

Have access to the Club's 7000+ membership data.

Have reserved parking and seating for its guests.

Have free promotion on the website with links to other racing websites.

Get coverage on a major television network at special rates (with select races telecast live).

Note: The Mumbai Racing Season runs from mid-November to end-April and racing is on most Sundays and Thursdays. In Pune, the season is from August to October, with racing on all Saturdays and Sundays.