Trackwork for 06 Jul 2018
Inner Sand Track
1000 Metres
Augury (A.Gaikwad) & Lethal Steps(V.Bunde)1000 1.09(-6)600 41(-4) Latter started 2 lengths behind & easily finished level. Note this pair.
Starr  Verdict (Raj Pawar)1000 1.10(-5)600 45(E)Moved freely.
Lord Gratham (Rb)1000 1.11(-4)600 43(-2)Easy.
800 Metres
Imperial Heritage (T.Mahesh)800 58(-2)600 44(-1) Very easy.
Heroine (C.Umesh)800 53(-7)600 40(-5) Moved fluently.
Odessa (App) & Excellent Sorentto (Peter)800 54(-6)600 39(-6) Note this pair.
Juno’s Guest (Baria) & Ruffo (Niranjan)800 54(-6)600 40(-5) Latter pushed & finished level.
600 Metres
Courcheval (Periera)600 38(-7) Urged.
Take Five (Periera) & Montecasino(Peter)600 41(-4)Pair level.
Colombianaprincess (Shubham)600 41(-4) Easy.
Scion (Rb)600 41(-4) Moved Freely.
B Fifty Two(Hamir) & Summer Rays (Mansoor)600 42(-3)Pair easy.
Adams Beginning (Daman)600 39(-6)Moved on the bit.
Star Of Thea (Kuldeep)600 36(-9)Impressed.
Kimberella(Hamir) & Celestial Light(Mansoor)600 39(-6)Pair moved nicely.
Caprisca(Hamir) & Raees(C.S.Jodha)600 36(-9)Pair excelled.
Frivolous(App) & Awesome One(Mosin)600 40(-5)Latter easily finished 2 lengths ahead.
Dance The Dream(Periera) & Harmony Of The Sea(Hamir)600 38(-7)Pair impressed.
Jetfire(Rb)&Cray Cray(Walkar)600 41(-4)Pair level.
Huzzah’s Grace(Mansoor) & Toretto(C.S.Jodha)600 40(-5)Pair moved freely.
Priceless Art(Mosin) & Actionable(App)600 41(-4)Pair level.
Highland Lass(Periera)600 43(-2)Very easy.
Starting Gate Practice
1000 Metres
Casablanca(Mosin) & American Odessey(App)1000 1.08(-7)800 52(-8)600 38(-7)Both level jump former urged & finished well clear. Latter eased up at 400 Metres.
Angel Harmony(V.Bunde) & El Comandante(A.Gaikwad)1000 To 400 In 42(-3)Both level jump pair eased up at 200 Metres