Trackwork for 04 Jul 2018
Inner Sand Track
1000 Metres
Aquarius (Walkar)1000 1.13(-2)600 44(-1)Very Easy.
Brazos (D.Naik)1000 1.12(-3)600 43(-2)Easy.
Grand Accord (S.Sunil) & Flashing Honour (App)1000 1.08(-7)600 39(-6)Former started 3 lengths behind & easily finished level. former to note.
800 Metres
Turning Point (S.Sameer) & Bottega Louie (Vikram)800 54(-6)600 39(-6) Pair Moved Nicely.
Tally Ho (Kuldeep)800 53(-7)600 39(-6) Urged.
Goshawk (Walkar)800 56(-4)600 41(-4) Moved freely.
Uncle Scrooge (Rb)800 56(-4)600 41(-4) Moved freely.
Berinice (Vikram) & Beneficial (Ajinkya)800 56(-4)600 41(-4)Pair level.
Lady Sergeant (Zameer)800 55(-5)600 40(-5)Moved on the bit.
Dazzling Star (S.J.Sunil) & Gnostic Eyes (Ikram)800 56(-4)600 41(-4)Pair moved together.
Till End Of Time (Rb)800 57(-3)600 43(-2)Easy.
Big Ben (D.Naik) &Bewitched (Walkar)800 57(-3)600 43(-2)Pair very easy.
Eyes For You (S.J.Sunil) & Reds Revenge (Ikram)800 56(-4)600 41(-4)Former started 3lenghts behind & easily finished level.
Baby Face (Shubham) & Smoky Haze (App)800 52(-8)600 38(-7)Pair impressed.
Notting Hill (S.Sameer) & Bourbon Princess (Ajinkya)800 56(-4)600 41(-4)Pair moved together.
Timeless (Vikram)800 57(-3)600 42(-3)Easy.
Elegant Beauty (App)800 53(-7)600 39(-6)Moved fluently.
Silver Moon (Rupesh) & Saddle The Wind (S.Sunil)800 54(-6)600 40(-5)Latter started 3lenghts behind & easily finished alength ahead.
Angels Touch (S.Sunil) & Smart N Noble (Jaykumar)800 54(-6)600 40(-5)Latter easily finished 2 lengths ahead.
Star Councillor (S.Sunil)800 53(-7)600 40(-5)Moved on the bit.
Gallant Knight (App)800 57(-3)600 43(-2)Easy.
Mighty Warrior (S.Sunil) & Ministrel Heights (Jaykumar)800 55(-5)600 40(-5)Pair moved nicely.
600 Metres
Perpetual Winning (Walkar)600 41(-4)Moved freely.
Stormborn (Ajinkya) & Chosen One (Vikram)600 40(-5)Pair moved nicely & finished level.
Rising Concert (App)600 39(-6)Moved on the bit.