Trackwork for 03 Jul 2018
Inner Sand Track
800 Metres
Divine Power (T.Mahesh)800 55(-5)600 42(-3)Moved freely.
Eiger’s Tiger (Kuldeep)800 52(-8)600 40(-5)Moved nicely.
Falconette (Kuldeep)800 55(-5)600 40(-5)Moved freely.
Swiftness (App) & Colombiana Princess (Daman)800 53(-7)600 40(-5)Pair moved together.
Skysurfer (Kuldeep)800 52(-8)600 37(-8)Hard held.
Red Caranation (Kuldeep)800 55(-5)600 40(-5)Urged.
In It To Win It (App) & Square Moon (Shubham)800 53(-7)600 39(-6)Pair handy & finished level.
Battle Bot (Kaviraj)800 56(-4)600 41(-4)Urged.
Impala (Kuldeep)800 50(-10)600 35(-10)Outstanding display.
Mount Olympus (Kuldeep)800 51(-9)600 37(-8)Impressed.
Rogue One (Kuldeep)800 53(-7)600 38(-7)Moved on the bit.
Hodson’s Horse(Baria) & Lucky Luciano (Shubham)800 55(-5)600 40(-5)Pair level.
Timeless Deeds (Kuldeep)800 52(-8)600 37(-8)Moved on tight reins.
Lilibeth (Kaviraj)800 56(-4)600 41(-4)Moved freely.
600 Metres
Excellent Gold (Kuldeep)600 38(-7)Hard held.
Wild Fire (Kuldeep)600 38(-7)Moved on the bit.
Arabian Storm(Kaviraj)600 38(-7)Moved on tight reins.
Loire (Kuldeep)600 37(-8)Moved fluently.
Dusky Siren (Rb)600 40(-5)Moved freely.
Sheer Belief (Rb)600 419-4)Easy.
Shapath (Rb)600 42(-3)Very easy.
Blitzkrieg (Daman) & Beyond Time (S.A.Amit)600 40(-5)Pair moved nicely.
Dazzle N Daze (S.A.Amit) & Spinning Gold(Shubham)600 38(-7)Pair moved fluently.
Heroine(Mosin)600 40(-5)Moved on the bit.
Zeemo(App)600 43(-2)Easy.
Grand Sinatra(Mosin)600 40(-5)Moved Nicely.
Elegant Beauty(App)600 41(-4)Moved Freely.