Trackwork for 02 Jul 2018
Inner Sand Track
1000 Metres
Odessa (H.G.Rathod) & Awesome One (Yash)1000 1.08(-7)600 39(-6)Latter started 4 lengths behind & easily finished level. Both moved nicely.
King Khalil (Yash)1000 1.12(-3)600 42(-3)Very easy.
Malavika (A.Gaikwad)1000 1.05(-10)600 39(-6)Impressed.
800 Metres
Top Wizard (Kaviraj)800 50(-10)600 38(-7)Moved fluently.
Enchanted (Yash) 800 54(-6)600 40(-5)Hard held.
Super Sunshine (App) & Actionable(Peter)800 56(-4)600 41(-4)Pair moved freely.
Bitcoin (Kuldeep)800 56(-4)600 42(-3)Moved freely.
Ustad Pedro (Kaviraj)800 49(-11)600 37(-8)Excellent display.
Brave (Kuldeep)800 51(-9)600 37(-8)Moved fluently.
Montecasino (Peter) & Double Town(App)800 56(-4)600 42(-3)Pair level.
Excellent Ella (Yash) & Excellent Sorrento(Mosin)800 55(-5)600 41(-4)Pair moved together.
Iville (Kuldeep) & Sudarshan Chakra(Rb)800 53(-7)600 39(-6)Former easily finished 2 lengths ahead.
Buddy Holly (H.G.Rathod)800 53(-7)600 40(-5)Moved on tight reins.
Makino (D.S.Daman)800 54(-6)600 39(-6)Hard held.
Rain Dance (Baria) & Charging Tigress(Shubham)800 50(-10)600 37(-8)Pair moved fluently.
Knight Quest (Kaviraj)800 52(-8)600 38(-7)Moved nicely.
Mygrator (H.G.Rathod)800 56(-4)600 42(-3)Moved freely.
600 Metres
Windsor Fortune (Kaviraj)600 39(-6)Moved on the bit.
Hudson (H.G.Rathod)600 42(-3)Easy.
Priceless Art (Yash) & American Odessey(Mosin)600 43(-2)Pair easy.
Dazzle N Daze (S.A.Amit) & Spinning Gold(Shubham)600 38(-7)Pair moved fluently.
Heroine(Mosin)600 40(-5)Moved on the bit.
Zeemo(App)600 43(-2)Easy.
Grand Sinatra(Mosin)600 40(-5)Moved Nicely.
Elegant Beauty(App)600 41(-4)Moved Freely.