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ide also stood in rows two soldiers. In the latter two blocks of the booth will be able to see is not very high, but very large group of buildings. This should be the Dragon Soul organization abilities of the group headquarters base. One soldier came out and waved iron will follow the direction of the soldiers referred to the car parked. And here, it has been placed in the high low car dozens of cars of various models. Iron will be parked, four people have been out of the car after a drunk toward the source Shuaishuaitou Chu said Come with me. When passing through the booth, four were stopped by soldiers, he checked the drunkard, iron and roses trio will carry documents, fingerprints, eye mask and a series of quasi check that before release. But they stopped Chu Yuan was not allowed to go in, and the Microsoft Certification reason Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step is very simple, there is no information Chu source. And the soldiers only for information, not the person. But this thing is easy to solve, I called after alcoholic Chu source directly into it. Patting shoulders drunkard Chu Yuan said Rest assured, the next time you have over documents and information, and they will not stop you. Drunkard seems to like to shoot shoulder Chu Yuan, Chu Yuan looked that hide do not open very suffocating appearance, he is very happy. After the booth from inside, that is blocks of buildings, small buildings here, but all together coherent between each one. Here is the whole huge Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step it exam space hollowed directly in the deep underground and constructed to be built here before can imagine how vast is the term of the project. Chu source drunkard with three straight into the center of the building following the inside, on.

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
MB5-705 Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step