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coming through from the outside. The entire office bright shine. On the front desk to the window, now a middle aged man sitting in front of 11 to the front desk, he is way behind the row of windows. The middle aged man is the current president of Long Yuan Group, the CCNA Data Center it exam Longhai travel. Probably because practitioners of the Heart of the dragon family relations, although there Longhai travel in his early fifties age, and can CCNA Data Center she looks still very young, but feels he should also only about three or four years old. Longhai travel eyebrows square face. Jug ears, eyes bright. He sat naturally faint revealing a host s momentum. From 11 came in Longhai tour had been staring at him. Reading countless people in his life, but like 11 people in such a manner that he really is the first time I saw. 11 face look very pale, even to his eyes are very light, it seems to have rejected the kind of secular, rejected in life, what are reluctant to feel concern. In this first glance. He has made 11 generates interest. Chu Yuan SHEN Hai tour voice was, unashamedly. As long as a master, you can easily listen to them he practiced Wu, although not a true master, but not practiced martial ordinary people, is still a powerful role. Long Wu Xueshi home is home, although many disciples abandoned weapons in business or in politics, but these people still have a LONG martial arts practitioners. But compared to martial arts practitioners devote themselves to his disciples, among them are those of infants and adults contrast. 11 looking dull nod. Longhai travel not mind smiled, got up and stand Cisco Certification there to make a sofa Please, the action, said. Sit 11 blunt sitting on the couch.

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640-911 Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking Cisco CCNA Data Center
640-916 Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies Cisco CCNA Data Center