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utely no possibility of standing again. So rather pointless killed ran out, it is better to let them temporarily. As long as life is still, always have the opportunity to. Four in 11 monkey madness cover fire narrowly ran out from the hall. As soon as the door to the side, 11 suddenly rushed forward in the past, want to Zhang Xinxin and Nguyen clear language open. It was at the same time, 11 of the right chest suddenly pop sound Qing Xiang, followed by a bottle of Amazon Certification blood splashes flower. At this time he was blocked in front of Zhang Xinxin body, spraying out from the right chest suddenly the blood stained the whole face Zhang Xinxin, Zhang Xinxin and almost at the same time play shivered. The driver s seat in the cold night shot 11 in the same Amazon time carrying a sniper rifle out the window to the upper body. Then sniper rifle immediately came Amazon it exam bang Gunshot. Cold night action as if rehearsed a thousand times as one move from leaned out, then shot aimed only completed in blink of an eye. After playing out the gun he pointed at a distance no longer continue building on top, but the gun is moved back inside the hall Guoyunlou building, combined with the monkeys continued to shoot. Chu Yuan Nguyen clear language lost calls out, wanted to run over, was the Fat Duck tightly onto the car. The Fat Duck Nguyen clear language to promote the car, he did not jump on the car. But physically blocked the car door and shouted Boss car ah Not at the moment only three people on the train, in addition to the Fat Duck in their first 11 on the outside of the vehicle, 11, and Zhang Xinxin both stood looking at each other did not move. Zhang Xinxin not to manage his f.

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