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Speedy Tuesday - Omega Speedmaster Pro Apollo - SoyuzSpeedmaster Pro Apollo SoyuzThis week we've got something quite special for the readers. It does not take limited edition Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo - Soyuz reference 145.0022 that's introduced in 1975 to commemorate the initial space mission where two spacecrafts from different nations docked.Just 500 pieces made, this Speedy Pro grouped into the family of very rare and collectible timepieces. The Apollo - Soyuz logo around the dial at 12 o'clock replaced the Omega symbol around the dial and also the caseback has a commemorative inscription engraved that has a globe inside center.One of many German members from your OmegaForums.net platform observed that:"Nobody ever really discovered how hte items of this edition exactly was distributed to the italian market. Obviously it is just a combination of factory/Bienne assembled replica watches and others assembled by Maison de Marchi/Italy (the Omega License partner of the time). Within the last few 38 years xbox never been seen two Apollo-Soyuz with the exact same small selection of engraved on the caseback, so the total amount of distributed replica watches obviously didn't exceed the offical number of 500 pieces."The dial on this Speedy has got the wonderful deep sub dials with circular grains that could be seen clearly without the need for a loupe. The movement used in this Speedmaster Pro may be the handwound caliber 861, which is according to Lemania's chronograph replica christopher ward watches . It wasn't until 1997 that Omega started using caliber 1861, which is only slightly different (a.o. 1 extra jewel, different finish).Essentially for the photo above, the Speedmaster has been placed on a leather 'racing' strap. The correct bracelet due to this reference 145.0022 Apollo-Soyuz Speedmaster is 1168 with all the 633 endpieces.On board of the Apollo were NASA astronauts Thomas Stafford, Vance Brand name Donald Slayton. We have seen Stafford wearing his gold commemorative Speedmaster Pro BA 145.022 that they received in 1969 through these later missions. In the Soyuz spacecraft were cosmonauts Alexey Leonov and Valery Kubasov. Below the thing is the crew wearing their Omega replica watches clearly mont blanc pricing watches . Stafford wearing his Speedmaster over a strap, Leonov wearing his Speedmaster with a bracelet.The cause of this week's Speedy Tuesday also shows a wristshot of his beloved Speedmaster Apollo-Soyuz timepiece and a photo with two other Speedmasters. A very rare CK2915-1 and also a CK2915-3. Both are early pre-Professional Speedmasters and very sought-after. replica rolex However, he also writes how the Speedmaster Pro Apollo-Soyuz is unquestionably harder to get when compared to a CK2915. You will come across these early Speedies more often than finding among the 500 Apollo-Soyuz models.Join The Speedmaster EventIf you've not done so, always join us on the 29th of October 2013. An important Speedmaster GTG and event ever happened. With special guests from Omega and NASA (to become revealed soon), it'll be a day to consider! Click https://www.fratelloreplica watches.com/speedy-tuesday-event/ to register and read much more about it. replica breitling watch model
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