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HERM脠S - CAPE COD SHADOWTHE CHARM OF BLACKOverflowing with elegance and ease, the star in the Hermes watch collection continues to be dressed up in black to celebrate its 26th anniversary, and also marks an initial to the Parisian luxury firm: the use of DLC to brighten the watch case.In 1991 - 26 years back now - an upcoming icon was created: the famous "square in the rectangle" designed by Henri d'Origny. Named Cape Cod in homage to his wife's holiday destination, the peninsula for the northeastern of the usa, this Hermes watch quickly won over a global clientele, attracted by its unusual shape and straightforward elegance. Up to now the Cape Cod is definitely dressed up in steel, but has provisionally reserve its silvery garments towards black. replica dior diamond watches This is actually the first time the Parisian firm provides a coating like DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon replica running watches , an amorphous carbon that is certainly widely used in watchmaking), a scratch-resistant material that can endure wear. Alongside its technical properties, DLC provides the advantage of totally changing the aesthetic appearance of any watch. This is true from the Cape Cod Shadow model, with a newer look due to the using this material but without drowning out its identity or affecting its natural grace.The square case of the Cape Code Shadow is much like an optical illusion, with rounded, tubular lugs forming a rectangle, and measuring 29x29mm cheap replica watches . The steel body coated having a layer of matt black DLC houses a quartz moment driving the hours and the minutes.Matching the watch case, the matt black face of this Hermes watch may be delicately sanded, to become a surface made up of thousands of tiny grains. The dial contains an hour rim featuring rhodium curved Arabic numerals. Two straight hands, coated with ruthenium and highlighted with a distinct luminescent material, display the times of day and also the minutes in the centre.The Cape Cod Shadow is worn within the wrist having a double or single strap manufactured from black Barenia calf's leather, polished with red within the edges and doubled with gold leather, and rounded off by an ardillon steel buckle and black DLC.Price: 3,750 CHF (single strap) 3,900 CHF (double strap) hermes.comBy Sharmila Bertin replica breitling watch model
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